Stonebridge Property Owners Association

Welcome to Stonebridge!

We would like to thank those residents who appreciate the value that the Stonebridge Property Owners Association brings to our neighborhood. As a member of the SPOA you HAVE A VOICE, so join today. The many devoted people involved in SPOA activities are volunteers who are making a difference. We could use your help to maintain Stonebridge as a desirable place to live. We would love to see your face in our next group photo. Membership dues are $40.00 per year per property, and are mandatory for all residents.

Important Phone Numbers

All Emergency Calls – Please Dial 911

Police, Fire, Ambulance

Stonebridge Security Stickers – Residents Only!

504-362-3300 Harvey Guard House

504-394-8700 Gretna Guard House

Pay Your Dues

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Report Code Violations

Report issues regarding code violations

Official Documents

SPOA Leaders

Board of Directors

Dawn Peterson



Paul Leman



Regina LaCaze



Carina Zermeno



(504) 606-3003

Board Members

Ben Bourgeois

Rachel Fleetwood


(504) 782-3961

Norwood Norris


(504) 982-4776


Architectural Control

Norwood Norris 504-982-4776

Jim Juneau


Patsy Fogarty 504-392-3399


David Colvin 504-367-9001

Andre Guishard 504-366-6180


Patsy Fogarty 504-392-3399


Jennifer Steel 504-232-4641

Special Events

Rachel Fleetwood 504-782-3961

Security & Camera

Sean Lusk 504-598-5841


John Maggiore 504-367-6164

General Information


The safety and security of our neighborhood is the #1 priority of the SPOA. We have, and will continue to, work hard toward this goal. As a result, Stonebridge is one of the safest places to live in the New Orleans area.

We encourage all residents to actively participate in any way possible to help keep our neighborhood safe. If you have a suggestion, compliment, complaint or anything at all to say about Stonebridge Security, please do so by calling our board members, or submitting your comment/inquiry online here.

Membership Information

The Stonebridge Property Owners Association needs 100% participation by all residents and lot owners for maximum effectiveness.

If you are not currently a member, please join today. Fees are only $40.00 per year, and membership entitles you to vote on all Stonebridge issues.

You can join by completing a Membership Application and mailing it to SPOA with your $40.00 payment. Our mailing address is:

Stonebridge Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 1382

Harvey, LA. 70059

Download Application

*** Note: In order to view the PDF files online, you must have Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. If you are unable to open the link above, you must click the icon below to install necessary software.

Vehicle Stickers

All residents are requested to obtain a Resident Vehicle Sticker, which is to be displayed on the front windshield of each resident’s vehicle. These stickers allow the security guards to identify vehicle traffic entering Stonebridge as residents.

All vehicles that do not display this sticker are required to stop at the guard gates before entering Stonebridge Subdivision.

Your cooperation with this policy is appreciated and will help keep Stonebridge safe and secure.

You may pick up a sticker from the guard on duty at either entrance. You will be required to show your drivers license (with a Stonebridge address) and valid vehicle registration for the vehicle on which the sticker is to be attached.

Covenant Vs Code

There are many activities that are restricted or controlled within Stonebridge to retain the beauty and safety that our residents enjoy. Because of these restrictions, Stonebridge is one of the safest neighborhoods in Jefferson Parish. Some of these restrictions are made via the residential covenants of the neighborhood, while some are made via the Jefferson Parish Municipal Code. There are even some items that are restricted under both documents.

Covenant violations are handled by the Stonebridge Property Owner’s Association, and can be reported via the comments section on this website. The formal process to address covenant violations can take some time, and usually involves the legal counsel retained by the POA.

Code violations are handled by the Jefferson Parish Code Enforcement agency. The process to address code violations is very easy, and results in an enforcement action usually within a few days. The process to start a code violation complaint can be performed online; the link to report a code violation is and can also be used to request services for things such as street light outages or animal control services.

Below is a listing of the most common items, sorted by whether they are a code violation, or a covenant violation. If an item is both a covenant and a code violation, it will be listed on the code violation side, simply because enforcement of this violation is much easier and effective through the code enforcement office:

Covenent Violations

  • Cars parked on street overnight
  • Temporary Structures (i.e., sheds)
  • General Nuisances
  • Livestock and Poultry on property
  • Fallen/Damaged Brick Exterior wall to neighborhood

Code Violations

  • High grass in yard or vacant lot
  • Signs in neighborhood (exceptions are real estate signs and builder signs on new construction)
  • Boats parked in driveway
  • Campers parked in driveway
  • RVs parked in driveway
  • Commercial vehicles parked in driveway
  • Trailers parked in driveway
  • Junk/inoperable vehicles on property
  • Stagnant water (mosquito abatement service)
  • Brush on curb for more than a week

Building Something New?

If you have plans for a home (or any accessory building) that you are constructing in Stonebridge, you will need the approval of the Architectural Control Committee. The committee meets as needed and will try to accommodate all construction schedules.

Please have two sets of plans ready to submit to the committee, one set will be kept on file and the other set will be returned.

View Restrictive Covenants

Garden Club est 1993

The Stonebridge Garden Club was established in 1993, and continues to be a very active group in our Westbank community. The ladies meet on the second Wednesday of the month from September through May. Each month, a member opens her home for our meeting, and other members prepare a fabulous lunch.

Our Horticulture Committee educates with us gardening tips on all types of plants, indoor and out, along with pests that invade our yards.

For 2016-2017, our Program Committee ladies arranged great guest speakers on bromeliads, making terrariums, crazy hats for our Christmas meeting, and field trips– Houmas House, street car ride along historic St. Charles Ave (with lunch at Commander’s), and Mardi Gras World. One of our community projects is at the New Orleans Museum of Art — arranging fresh flowers for the main entrance stairway. In 2017, we donated monies to the New Orleans Tree Project for planting 20 new trees in the New Orleans East tornado stricken community. We encourage one another to use organic products in our garden, and share our success or disappointments.

Within Stonebridge, we recognize residents through the Garden of the Month award, and great Christmas decorations. The most important endeavor is our horticulture partnership with the Stonebridge Property Owner’s Association. The Garden Club Beautification committee ladies work with the Association to maintain the seasonal flowers, trees and shrubs at entrances and exits to both sides of our subdivision. The Garden Club has planted many trees in our neighborhood. All Garden Club members are also HOA members. We ask all residents to support the SPOA.

Finally – did you know Stonebridge is a designated Bird Sanctuary??? We hope everyone enjoys and protects the beauty of our wildlife – not just the birds and ducks in your yard, but also the egrets, gray herons, pelicans, hawks and the occasional eagle in our trees, pond and canals.

The ladies recently held their Installation luncheon at Lafitte’s Landing and Seafood – delicious!! The new Officers for 2017-2019 are:

  • Co-President’s – Sonia Tablan and Judy Bullitt
  • Treasurer – Therese Juneau
  • Recording Secretary – Gail Scandariato
  • Corresponding Secretary – Julie Taylor
  • Parliamentarian – DiAnn Ogan